Find tips from our expert nutritionists to stretch your food budget, add variety into your meal plan and learn new ways to make serving healthy meals to your family easy, convenient and affordable.

Tips to Prevent Food Spoilage (printable version)
  • Use bananas that are about to go bad in muffins, breads, cookies or smoothies.
  • Freeze fruit and yogurt to use later in smoothies.
  • Chop peppers, onions or tomatoes to freeze and use later in soups or spaghetti sauce.
  • Freeze sliced citrus fruit on a baking sheet and then store in a clean plastic zip top freezer bag.
  • Store mushrooms in a paper bag.
  • Put fresh chopped herbs in olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays. Store in zip top freezer bags.
  • Wrap the stems/top part of the banana in plastic cling wrap.
  • Save the leftover vinegar liquids from olives, capers and other jarred produce and use for salad dressing.
  • Search our website to look for recipes using ingredients you may already have on hand.​
Recommended Resources
  • FoodKeeper App - This handy resource (also available as a mobile app) was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service with Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute. It provides useful guidelines for storing food to maximize food quality and minimize waste.
  • Food Planning Tips During COVID-19 - Food planning can be a challenge during a pandemic. This guide, from the USDA’s ChooseMyPlate initiative, offers information on food planning, including what to buy, how much to buy and prep tips.
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Chart - Consult this chart from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for guidelines on how long to safely freeze/refrigerate common foods
  • What’s For Dinner Fact Sheet - Use this handy fact sheet from to learn how to stretch a meal, cut prep time and increase nutrition by adding a canned ingredient to your meal.
  • Chickasaw Language Cards - Use these fun, colorful language cards to learn the Chickasaw words for your favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts and more.
Video Resources
  • Watch videos on healthy meals and treats for the whole family. These videos are part of the Connecting our Community library.
    • Getting Creative in the kitchen, with Melissa Burden
    • Ingredients: Thinking outside the box, with Melissa Burden
    • Updates on tribal food programs, with Adrienne Jacobs