Champion Nutrition

Champion Nutrition is a sports nutrition curriculum developed by a Chickasaw Nation dietitian to enhance athletic performance and overall health. The virtual curriculum is a series of five videos focused on high school athletes with an optional bonus video for sport-specific nutrition education. Additional resources include access to a dietitian for personalized guidance and sports enhancement tools for athletes and coaches.

Program overview:

  • Champion Nutrition teaches student athletes how to determine and meet their nutrition and hydration needs to improve performance with a safe and healthy approach.
  • Coaches present videos as appropriate per team schedule and share related guidance posters in locker room facilities.
  • Participating coaches have access to a dietitian and sports enhancement tools for each athlete upon completion of the video series.
    • Incentives for athletes include:
      • Water bottle
      • Cooling towel
      • Drawstring bag
      • Snack cup
      • Sunglasses

Education Materials