Eagle Adventure

Teaching young children about health and wellness is important to help develop healthy habits early in life. This is what Eagle Adventure is all about. The unique and interactive program utilizes First American storytelling, classroom lessons, hands-on activities and food experiences to help children (grades one through three) see the joy in being active and appreciating a variety of fruits and vegetables, which can help prevent type 2 diabetes. Eagle Adventure is offered through the Chickasaw Nation’s Impa Kilimpi' program. It was developed with funding from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through a collaboration between the Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services Get Fresh! program and SHINE Partners in Indian Country from the Oklahoma State University Department of Nutritional Sciences.

Program overview:

  • The live Eagle Adventure play kicks off the program by introducing the students to Mr. Eagle, Ms. Rabbit, Coyote and two of the village children: Rain That Dances and Thunder Cloud. 
  • Four engaging and interactive lessons are provided to students, allowing for hands-on learning and taste testing of new foods along with entertaining activities such as the “Snack Dance.” 
  • Nestwork (take-home activities and materials) offers an avenue for children to share ideas learned and try new recipes with family and friends.

Eagle Adventure Promo

Education Materials

  • Track 1: Eagle Song

  • Track 2: Eagle Song in Chickasaw

  • Track 3: Snake Dance Music

  • Track 4: Eyes of the Eagle

  • Track 5: Knees Lifted High

  • Track 6: Plate Full of Color

  • Track 7: All Day Every Day

  • Book 1: Through Eyes of the Eagle

  • Book 2: Knees Lifted High

  • Book 3: Plateful of Color

  • Book 4: Tricky Treats

  • Book 1: Through Eyes of the Eagle (Chickasaw/English)

  • Eagle Song Dance Video